Harry Potter All Character Names

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Using LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION (SEE NAMING NOTES BELOW), name the words making up all the character names in the Harry Potter books (American version).

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NOTES: When an answer is guessed, it will fill in the table and also the answer along with its overall rank and rank among its letter will show bottom left of the table. Nicknames and other ways of addressing the character I have included. I have sorted the words by word count..the table will show starting letter, word count (all books total), and # of letters in the word. The words are those used in the names of characters. Titles and any proper words in the character names are included…so for example “King Bob the Hugequizer the Fourth” would have King, Bob, Hugequizer, and Fourth but not “the” in this quiz. SOME NAMES are hyphenated in the book, these are listed as ONE LONG WORD without the hyphens. PLURALS I added into the singular total, so Bob’s is part of Bob, etc. Nicknames are include if they are in the books as proper names (capitalized). You start with 15 min but can obtain TIME BONUSES for completing categories, letters, or word lengths. The table bottom left shows the Top N words (up to 50) starting at #1 you have in a row for each letter…i.e. if you have the 1st and 2nd it will show “2” – if you get the 4th it will still show “2” but if you get the 3rd next it will show “4”.

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    Any chance we can get a ’50 hardest’ and ’50 missed’ for this quiz?
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      i’ll take a look at updating to the new format soon which will have those.
  2. 2
    Anyone get #427? Curious to know who/what it is.
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      Nevermind! I found it (it’s misspelled, you may want to fix that).

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