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List the cities, countries, and regions (usually within individual countries) which currently have (as-of 9/5/14) Lonely Planet guide books for them. Does not include ‘Discover’, ‘pocket’ or other series, only full guide books. Answers sorted by book title within each category. I tried to allow a good number of alternatives – regions are typically named something like ‘Northern Canada’ or ‘Russian Lakes’ unless the region has a more common name. ‘Country’ section includes multi-country guides provided they also are not a general region – i.e. the title is a list of countries maybe with another individual island or location added. Other multi-country guides that are more regional or describe a region as well are included in the ‘Region’ section.

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Quiz Creation Date: 9-5-2014
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    This seems to be missing a lot of US locations. There’s definitely one for New York City.
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    actually I think New York accidentally gotta sorted off my list, i’ll add it. there aren’t any others that i missed that have full city guides (there’s a couple with smaller guides i didn’t include per the notes in the directions, like Las Vegas).
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    great quiz, but I was a bit confused which “region guides” you included, as some are multi-country (e.g. Borneo, Antarctica) while all other multi-country guides were left out. It also made me realise how many LP guidebooks sitting on my bookshelf are now out of print (Algeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya…yes, I’m a travel guidebook freak!)
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      hmm yeah i must have sorted out a number of the multi-country guides…i’ve added them back, also i resorted the categories and added an explanation in the notes.

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