New York City Attractions

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Name the NYC sights & attractions from the map. ‘Culture’ refers to museums, monuments, memorials, etc. ‘Area’ may refer to a general neighborhood, a street, an island, etc.

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Quiz Creation Date: 10-22-2014
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  1. 2
    Well that was a weird collection of things to choose and things not to choose…
  2. 0
    Any chance we could get color-coded labels to differentiate all the categories? Would be especially useful to distinguish neighborhood from site, let alone museum vs. skyscraper vs. all the rest.
    1. 0
      good call, shoulda done that to begin with…i’ll do that shortly.
  3. 1
    I’m just curious how these were selected. As a life-long New Yorker there are some things not listed that I would argue are a lot more prominent than some of the things I got correct. And there are some things I missed that I still can’t figure out even after comparing the quiz to Google Maps in another window.
    1. 0
      For non-locals it’s always trickier to get a consistent list once you’re past the obvious places. I did the London one and the first 50 or so were a breeze… from then on it’s all a bit subjective. Also take note that those are MapQuest pins and they tilt a bit northwest which, in a tight grid-like place like Manhattan and with this level of zoom, can be a bit misleading.
      1. 0
        Oh, I don’t dispute that. I wasn’t complaining, just wondering about the methodology. I’d say, for example, that The Bronx Zoo is more relevant for both tourists and locals than, say, Morningside Park, but the latter is lister and the former isn’t. I was curious how the list was generated.
        1. 0
          just found a list online, but i’m open to adding things if you have suggestions
        2. 1
          Riverside, not Morningside, sorry. And maybe it’s just me being frustrated I can’t do better, but I just did the quiz again, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what structure is on the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge. I tried putting in “hipsters” but that didn’t work and that’s all that’s over there. Also, I’m pretty sure the blue dot by JFK is at Belmont Park, but that didn’t register at all, and I used to live about three blocks from that yellow dot on the southwest corner of Central Park and I can’t think of any museum of note around Columbus Circle. Even after looking at the map. I’ll say this though… Darin obviously likes John Lennon :-)
          1. 0
            the columbus circle one is a monument – i added a note in the directions that it falls under the Museums category. the williamsburg and jfk ones were off on the coordinates, those are fixed now.
        3. 0
          No problem ZenophileX, didn’t take that as a complaint. Happy to tell my methodology for London: first used personal knowledge… when I’ve run out of that I cross-referenced some 4/5 landmarks lists. If a place is listed on all or the majority of them then it gets into on the quiz.
  4. 0
    Am I crazy? Is Grand Central Station not on there? Or did I just not choose the right combination of words? I agree with ZenophileX, I had no idea what was in Williamsburg worth seeing. And what about Staten Island? Snug Harbor, SI Ferry, Richmondtown…
    1. 0
      Definitely not crazy… Grand Central Terminal.

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