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Begin by choosing a state by typing its abbreviation (i.e. ‘FL’). Then, name the Governor, Senators, Representatives, Nickname, Highest/Lowest Point, 25 Largest Cities, 25 Largest Counties (by population), 10 Largest 4-Year Public Schools, and MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL Teams as well as NCAA Division I/II/III sports schools. NOTE: FOR POLITICIANS – name the upcoming ones who will be in office this coming January. For a handful of undetermined races I took the vote leader if there’s a recount upcoming, or the incumbent if a runoff is coming. Last names acceptable for people, for highest/lowest point you can leave out words like ‘mount’ or ‘peak’. For schools leave out words like ‘university of’ or ‘college’ – many alternates are accepted for public schools & NCAA schools categories. Sports teams based on the location they are based, not necessarily the state their stadium is in for a couple answers. 2013 population estimates shown for cities/counties. 2010 enrollment figures shown for public 4-year schools.

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Quiz Creation Date: 11-30-2014
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    Michigan is known as both The Wolverine State AND The Great Lakes State. As such, both nicknames should be accepted. Also, why not throw in the state mottoes (especially in the case of Michigan, whose motto is a Polandball joke… and no, fellow Michiganders, it’s not “Road Work Ahead”…)

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