Time Magazine 1990-2013 Covers

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Using LAST NAMES (EXCEPTIONS – SEE NOTES) and NO PUNCTUATION, name all the people (SEE NOTES) who’ve been on a Time cover from 1990 thru 10/5/13 – goal is MOST COVERS. Many TIME BONUSES available.

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NOTES: **STATS ADDED 10/21/13** You can see the 50 least guessed answers you got and 50 highest ranking ones you missed by choosing “50 Hardest” and “50 Missed” in the bottom of the listbox *after* you enter your name to save scores. US ISSUE only. Unlike my SI Cover quiz, this does NOT include people in Insets..the person must be named or displayed in a somewhat prominent way on the main area of the cover. Illustrations are included. POY = Person (formerly Man) of the Year. FULL/FIRST NAMES may be required for any non-human answer or those known more commonly without a last name. ROYALTY and POPES should be named using Roman Numerals (if necessary), or title and location, i.e. “King Bob III,” “Prince of Hugequiz” or “Lord Hugequiz.” MUSICAL GROUP is counted as one answer and should be answered with the name of the group, not individual members. Name of the most recent cover will show bottom left when you type an answer in. Unanswered items in the table will show Total Covers and Category for the “All” table, and a “Cover #” (Just the chronological order of the cover during the year, NOT related to Time Issue #, if multiple people have the same Cover # they are on that same cover) and Category for the tables for each year. Also there are tables by category which show the Total Covers and Year of First Cover. “All” and Categories Tables are SORTED by TOTAL COVERS first then LAST NAME, Year tables are sorted chronologically. I have included famous animals/fiction characters. Occasionally Time has had ordinary citizens on its cover (not a well-known national story), I did not include these. Categories are somewhat difficult as many people encompass multiple categories. “Entertainment” includes Actors/Actresses, “Theater” includes opera, “Politics & Gov” includes terrorist-related figures, military figures if they are in a cabinet-type position, “Royalty” can also be considered Gov but is separated into kings, queens and other monarch figures. “Society” can encompass a broad range of figures not fitting in another category, from explorers to activists.

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