Units Of Measure

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Name the units of measure for each of the types of measurement. The number is the number of base units (i.e. meters) that particular unit is. A ‘1’ is therefore the basic unit name. Not all units are widely used, and for some which are different depending on the country, I typically used US quantity. For temperature the number shown is absolute zero in terms of that unit. Not all numbers are exact, and some may rely on certain conditions, i.e. atmospheric, temperature, etc.

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  1. 1
    There are two ‘n’s in “millennium”.
      1. 0
        It’s still showing up as “millenium”.
  2. 0
    Nothing for electric current? The ampere is (officially at least) a base SI unit.
    1. 0
      ahh forgot about the amp…i’ll add.
    1. 0
      hmm..not quite standard enough :)
  3. 1
    Gradian for angle? I know it doesn’t get used much, but it appears in some engineering applications and is pretty much the go to unit for surveyors.

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