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Name the schools categorized as 4-year public colleges/universities in the US (50 states & DC only). Many shortened names accepted but not all abbreviations as they could refer to more than one school. Naming just a state will typically answer the largest/most common state school of that name, you will need to add the location for other schools. Leave out words such as ‘university (of)’ or ‘college (of)’ unless they are typically used in the school name. Example answer formats: ‘wisconsin lake superior’ ‘cal st death valley’ ‘college of the atlantic’ ‘las vegas st’ ‘suny north manhattan.’ NOTE: many schools end in ‘state’ – you’ll have to add ‘st’ to the end of many names. Do NOT use punctuation (periods, hyphens, etc). The Large/Medium/etc classification is not exactly tied to exact enrollment but a national classification of the school sets the size of the icon for the school.

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    i love this quiz. what source are you using for this? wiki has more or less in many cases.
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      not wiki, i try to avoid wikipedia at all costs. i believe the US Dept of Education.
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        well, just as one example from US Dept of Ed, they have Edison State College on there, but it has been renamed Florida SouthWestern State College. and there are several schools that pop up as 4-year, public, bachelor’s degree schools in florida that are not on the quiz: broward, valencia, gulf coast state, florida gateway, etc. Just wondering how you decide what to include/exclude. again, love the quiz. just not sure where to focus my OCD in trying to memorize these.
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          actually i think i went based on the ‘Carnegie Classifications’ of US schools – if you google that there’s a site somewhere with all the data, don’t have it off hand.

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