IMDB Most Popular Movies With Colors In The Title

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Name the 100 most popular movies in terms of IMDB votes as-of mid-June 2014 which have colors in the title. A word in the title must be referring to the specific color of something i.e. ‘Meet Joe Black’ is not accepted nor is ‘The Dark Knight’, however a name may be accepted if the origins of it are from something’s color. Words like ‘bronze’ may be included if they are not specifically referring to a material but can also be referring to a color at the same time.

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Quiz Creation Date: 9-18-2014
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    Maybe “Varsity Blues?” I don’t remember a whole lot apart from Ali Larter with the whipped cream and “I don’t want your laife,” but I always understood that to be a reference both to the “blues” of being a teenager as well as the color of the uniform James van der Beek is supposed to want.
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    If Meet Joe Black is not accepted why is Snow White and the Seven huntsmen?
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      i included that as White in the name had to do with the color of snow.
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    The “Pink” in “Pink Floyd The Wall” is not referring to the color, it’s the nickname of blues singer and guitarist Pinkney Anderson. His nickname became a part of the group’s name.

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