James Bond Films – Titles, Bond Actors, Directors, Bond Girls, Villains & Actors/Actresses

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Name the titles, Bond actors, directors, Bond Girls, villains, Bond Girl actresses, and villain actors in each of the 26 Bond feature films (including the 2 non-EON ones). Last names generally accepted. A few characters do not have names – you need to use a general description. A female villain is generally categorized as a Bond Girl not villain for purposes of this quiz. First two words accepted for movie titles.

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Quiz Creation Date: 3-8-2015
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    if there are any issues with names not being accepted, or a major Bond girl or villain missing, let me know…info retrieved from multiple sources.
  2. 0
    Doesn’t accept Basinger. Also, no henchman for Octopussy?
    1. 0
      fixing Basinger…there are lots of henchmen across the many films – i tried to include just the main villains and some minor ones.
    2. 0
      You’re thinking of Gobinda, right? I guess he could be here sure… As for other notable henchmen omissions I’m thinking of Locque from For Your Eyes Only and Zao from Die Another Day.
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    That was harder than I expected! Just for consistency, Diamonds Are Forever seems to be the only movie that doesn’t accept the first two words. Themes and their performers would have been a nice bonus :)
    1. 0
      fixing Diamonds…yeah forgot about the themes – going to leave as is.
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    Honestly, I think you may be getting too obscure with some of the Bond girls. Some of them aren’t even credited with real names. I think it would be more relevant to have a category such as who performed the title song.

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