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In 10 min name as many movies as you can (MIN $50 DOMESTIC GROSS) trying to accumulate the highest total gross for all movies. SEE NOTES.

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NOTES – Figures are as-of July 11, 2012 and Domestic Box Office NOT adjusted for inflation. Use LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION. There are about 1,300 movies with $50+ Million total domestic gross included. Movies starting with “the” don’t need it typed out, however “a” and “an” do. Series of movies (such as Star Wars) can be entirely filled in by typing the first movie in the series or the common initial part of the movie title among them. This DOES NOT include movies that arent as much part of a sequential series or named the same, such as the Bond films. I also abbreviated some long movie titles, such as movies of the form “So-And-So: Something”. IF SCORES DO NOT LOAD right away reload quiz. Chance score server could be down too. Scores not loading could affect your ability to save yours when the quiz is over.

Quiz creation date: 8-15-2012
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