Movies With The Most Sequels

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Name the feature films with the most sequels. For purposes of this quiz, the original movie must have had at least 1K IMDB votes as-of 3/9/15, and sequels counted are feature films listed under the ‘followed by’ section in the movie’s IMDB ‘Connections’ page – they may be ‘prequels’ in terms of the timeline of the films. Some movies may have had remakes, edited versions, TV series, straight-to-video, etc that followed that are not counted. Also, sequels must have been release as-of 3/9/15 therefore movies which are in development are not counted toward the total. First two words accepted for longer titles – you are naming the ORIGINAL movie. # of sequels (not including original) and time period between original and newest sequel shown.

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Quiz Updated: 3-14-2015
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    I’m not sure how reliable that source is. Where are the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and the Tarzan movies?
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      ‘Tarzan Escapes’ is the first film with all the sequels, not the original Tarzan The Ape Man. Similarly, the original NOES only has a couple sequels according to IMDB. I have no idea how IMDB arrives at what it lists under ‘followed by’ for the connections of a movie, and some can definitely be up for debate, but I had to have some sort of rule to use otherwise I’d have to go through 1000’s of movies and decide one by one what a ‘sequel’ is (there’s no hard definition of that either).

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