100 Classic Rock Songs By Artist

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Using lower case and no punctuation, name the artist for each of the 100 classic rock songs by intro. Last names accepted for solo artists who are generally named first-last name.

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NOTES: You get a 1 SONG BONUS for getting 40-49 points, and 3 SONG BONUS for 50 points (within 3 sec). Max of 50 bonus songs. Clicking PAUSE will pause game but also resume with the next song once resumed. I was a little liberal with some artist names. You must average just under 10 seconds per song to get thru 100 in 15 minutes. Song intros are chosen at random among about 850 songs so you’ll never take the same quiz twice.

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    I noticed it only happens when you get a song right. If you just type next its instantaneous.
  2. 0
    “Another Day in Paradise” isn’t Another Day in Paradise
    1. 0
      i don’t specify the exact criteria for the guitar image bonuses, but it has to do with answering songs quickly in a row.
      1. 0
        I wish the bonuses took into account the length of the name I have to type. If the next song is by Blue Oyster Cult or Lynyrd Skynyrd, I’m not getting a bonus, no matter how quickly I identify the song.
  3. 0
    Bloody U2 and their long as heck fade-in intros, messin’ up my scores! :-)

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