100 Oldies Songs

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Using LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION name the oldies (mostly 50’s & 60’s) songs by their intros. 15 seconds per intro, and 15 min total. FIRST 2 WORDS acceptable for song names over 2 words.

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NOTES: 3 SONG BONUS for getting 50 bonus points on a song (within 3 sec) – 1 SONG BONUS for 40-49 bonus points with a 200 SONG MAX. Clicking PAUSE will pause game but also resume with the next song once resumed. I was a little liberal with some song names but for the most part you have to know the actual song names – note the first two words on the song name will be taken to speed things up. You must average just under 10 seconds per song to get thru 100 in 15 minutes. Song intros are chosen at random among almost 500 songs so you’ll never take the same quiz twice.

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    Great quiz. Glad to see you have your own site finally for your flash quizzes. Sometimes the timer goes from 50 – 0 without playing the audio of the song and that messes up bonus streaks. I’m wondering if you can fix that.
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    Darin-Please add a 4 to 5 second lag before the timer starts. Us slow typers will never get 50 points on these things. I knew almost all of the songs, had the titles, and would end up with 36….28….25…..14 points. It is just a bit frustrating. Just an idea. Thanks.
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    “You’re My Soul and Inspiration” (Righteous Brothers) has a messy audio.
  4. 1
    Not a huge deal, just informational, but California Dreaming has Beach Boys listed as artist. Should be The Mamas & The Papas

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