100 Rolling Stones Songs

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Using LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION name the 100 Rolling Stones songs by their intros. 15 seconds per intro, and 15 min total. FIRST 2 WORDS acceptable. Songs chosen randomly among almost 300 from all studio albums (US versions for those with UK ones) and some singles.

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NOTES: Clicking PAUSE will pause game but also resume with the next song once resumed. I was a little liberal with some song names but for the most part you have to know the actual song names – note the first two words on the song name will be taken to speed things up. You must average just under 10 seconds per song to get thru 100 in 15 minutes.

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    These quizzes are a great idea, but don’t work well in practice. About 10 seconds is always wasted while waiting for it to switch to the next song (whether you’ve gotten it right or skipped), so it’s basically impossible to get to all 100 songs. At least one of the songs (e.g. 10,000 Light Years from Home) doesn’t actually start until after 15 seconds into the track, so it’s impossible to get.
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    hmm…i have done these and the songs kick in immediately – i’ll take a look later today…any chance your connection is slow?
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    Hmm…yeah, seems to actually be a connection issue. Apologies – works okay now.
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    this is the only quiz that never works for me
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      ah, see the issue – fixing it.

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