50 Albums By Blurred Cover

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Name the albums (not artist) given the blurred cover image. Image becomes less blurry and points decrease as time goes. Only FIRST TWO words of album title are needed for those more than two words. Albums chosen randomly from about 500 total.

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Quiz Creation Date: 4-22-2014
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    Zhu Zhu Pets – Meet the Beatles?
    1. 0
      lol…i should probably replace that one.
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    Compilation albums and live albums that don’t really have a title (beyond Bob Jones Live at the Mackinac Theater) are a little cheap. Quiz would be much better with albums selected from, say, 1001 Recordings, or RS’s Top 500 albums. Rather than… I don’t know what you used, the dregs of rateyourmusic.com?
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    Hey! This is a great game, but I’ve noticed a problem: Daydream Nation appears on this game twice; one iteration works normally, the other does not respond to its title. Thanks!
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    I encountered the same problems as yampants (“the bug where it goes black, the timer ticks down and you cant skip”). And regarding the problem ajhoward09 mentioned, I think the cover of Daydream Nation is in here twice. One of them does accept when you type in “daydream nation”, the other one does not.
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        Which one? Because I had the same problem just now: it stays black, no album cover appears, but the timer does tick down and typing “next” doesn’t work.
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          hmm i think there were a handful of bad file names for the images – let me know if you get this issue any more.

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