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Using LOWER CASE and NO PUNCTUATION, name all the lyrics in all the Beatles songs (used in the source, at least).  TIME BONUSES for categories and completing songs.  SEE NOTES.

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NOTES: Plurals, possessives, etc are SEPARATE words. Typically, HYPHENATED words in the lyrics are counted as ONE WORD. Numbers are SPELLED OUT. Obviously lyrics and sounds can differ on lyrics sites, I went with the data used in the source link, and made some adjustments to errors I spotted or added alternative spellings, etc. Clicking on a song will show the lyrics, left to right, top to bottom.

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  1. 2
    Having played this quiz several times, and being a complete expert on the Beatles, I can say with confidence that the top 3 cheated.
    1. 1
      Tanner3 – I think that goes for many, if not most quizzes. :) Personally, I don’t even try to ‘compete’ with the people who got 95% on “smallest villages of Central Asia” or whatever. I just check who did slightly better/worse than I did and try to improve my score when I re-take the quiz.
    2. 1
      As one who just moved into the top 3, I disagree. I was able to get most of them off the top of my head. I then tried different things, such as typing in various exclamations, alternate spellings of words, adding the letter a before certain words (Because they were sung as such even though the word wouldn’t normally be spelled as such), and typing in several dozen German words with the hopes that at least some of them were in the German songs. I went back through the songs 3 times, focusing on the songs I don’t consider canonical (e.g. Red Sails, Take Some Insurance On Me) and using context clues to try to guess what words might work. I spent nearly a week off and on working on squeezing every last word I could get. I refused to allow myself to listen to any of the songs. At the end, in order to make my errata post, I did check the source in order to see what the bleep I was missing, but I didn’t type any of those words in.
      1. 0
        Agreed. Sometimes it just comes from knowing that much Beatles, and having that much time.
  2. 3
    Btw, darinh, would be great if you could do other bands/singers as well, e.g. Simon&Garfunkel, Elvis, Johnny Cash…
    1. 0
      Try the Rolling Stone Top 100 verison of this!
  3. 1
    I really don’t feel that the songs that were only released on the Tony Sheridan tapes (e.g. When the Saints) and the Hamburg tapes (e.g. Little Queenie) should be counted. For me, the canon is only the Parlophone, Capitol and Apple albums, not Lingasong or Polydor. Anyways, a few mistakes I’ve noted. I’ve only noted those that are clear from listening to the song. That is, I’m not going to argue the spelling of exclamations and noises. AGTH1 Row 12 Word 2 should be “me” instead of “my.” CT2 R13 W11 “armchair [sic “arms, yeah”].” Quite possibly the most well-known Beatles mondegreen. To the extent that the Beatles Blue Album was fooled. but it’s originally and officially “arms, yeah,” and not some sort of haunted armchair. Although Lennon did remark that he actually dug the wrong version better than his original. IYGT1 R4 W1 should be “content,” not “contend.” R4 W8 should be “advantage,” not “vantage.” IML R8 W7 should be “compares,” not “compared.” MATCHBOX1 R11 W8 “any of those” should be “Ringo’s.” This can be heard on both the BBC version and the Past Masters version. MT2 R4 W3 “homedrops” should be two words. NAST and WYD “wondering” should be an acceptable alternate to “wond’ring.” ROB2 R7 W1&2 “little” should be “diddle.” As in the nursery rhyme. SLY1 R5 W7 “sats” should be “says.”
    1. 0
      Hm, wish I knew how to insert line breaks. That woulda made this one slightly more legible.
  4. 0
    Most places have the “Yeh” in Money as a “Yeah”

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