Classic Rock Songs – Next 3 Words

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You begin with an audio clip playing. It will last from 5-15 seconds or so. Enter the next 3 words (in a couple cases it is 2 words) in the song after the clip stops – typically, but not always, this is the beginning of the next line in a verse. Try to avoid using words like ‘ah’ or ‘oh’ – looking for actual words in the lyrics. Time will begin counting down after 15 seconds. You must average just under 20 seconds per song so you will have to go thru the songs before they time out if you want to get to all 50. 50 chosen from about 600 total audio clips.

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    Sometimes the words are the words we just heard. Like with Boston, I think “Peace of Mind” with “come a day.”
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      those words repeat in the next line so yeah even though you just heard them they are still the answer – fixed the Heat of the Moment one too..
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    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, you have “wontcha come.” Couldn’t “won’t you come” also be accepted, considering wontcha is just a mumbled version of that?
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    In “Piece of My Heart”, I’ve always heard that as, “Well, I’m gonna” rather than “but.”
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    Great idea for a quiz. I’d like similar ones for other genres or eras – e.g. 90s, 60s, synthpop…
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    Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona *for* some California grass. It’s even what the Beatles lyrics quiz says :). Love this quiz.

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