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Name the artists with at least a Gold RIAA digital single certification before time runs out. SEE NOTES.

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NOTES: The goal of this quiz is TOTAL CERTS not total artists. DIGITAL SINGLES ONLY – therefore this quiz is VERY new artist weighted. *TIP* get highest selling artists first to get some bonus time from some categories. Clicking on the “Artist Ranks” listbox will display the certs by artist in the table as well as the first year of a RELEASE DATE for a single at least Gold certified. *SOME EARLIER SONGS* have release dates on here much later than the song originally came out – not sure where the RIAA got the release dates, but there are a number of songs/artists from well before the 80’s. NOTE – 10 artists did not have complete release data info on RIAA therefore don’t have a date listed nor are part of the date categories. RIAA certifications count Gold or Platinum singles…Gold counts as 0.5, Platinum as 1.0, and multiplatinum as anything from 2.0 up (whole numbers only). *THERE IS ONE* soundtrack that had certified singles, to answer it simply enter the show the Soundtrack was from. This tracks US record sales only – not international. DIGITAL SINGLES began being certified in October, 2004. NOTE: Until 2006, GOLD was only 100K instead of 500K sales, while Platinum was 200K instead of 1M – after 2006 previous Platinums were withdrawn, yet 100K Golds were maintained and are counted as 0.5 in this quiz. Last names are generally required. Entering an artist will occasionally fill in another answer if they collaborated with another artist (although they typically weren’t a duo) on another certified Gold or Platinum digital single. Artists are sorted by certs then alphabetically by first name for each cert total. I also allow some abbreviations. YEARS categories are for the YEAR OF THE FIRST RELEASE DATE for a certified digital single that artist. You start with 15:00 but receive TIME BONUSES for certain categories.

Quiz creation date: 1-21-2013
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    I got some extra time for completing the 1980-1989 certs, even though I didn’t complete that category. I may be mistaken, but I think I got that when I typed in a group not existing in the Eighties.
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      i’ll fix when i update this to the newest format shortly.

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