Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs First 3 Words

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Name the first three words (by typing them out without punctuation) for the Rolling Stone top 100 songs. First words refer to the beginning of the first verse (or chorus if the chorus starts the song off), not any initial ‘sound’ words like ‘ooh.’ Sound words are included if they are part of the first verse/chorus. Some alternate phrasings are accepted.

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    For Johnny B. Goode, the version I’ve always heard starts “Way Down in” Louisiana. And for “Whole Lotta Shakin'” it always sounded like “Come On Over” Baby. I also tried “C’mon Over Baby”.
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      for Johnny B Goode i had ‘Deep Down…’ instead…for Whole Lotta Shakin i had ‘comeoverbaby’ but i’ll add those alternates.
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    I just scored a 52, which is labeled as a “New Personal Best”. Yet on the list of leaders, i’m listed as once having scored 58l.
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      personal best is kept track of by a cookie on your machine – if you took it before on a different machine or reset your cookies, that 58 is still on the leaderboard as it is higher, but the 52 is better based on cookies.
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    Tutti Frutti has a 0% success rate by people who have taken this quiz. Yes that’s right, not one person who’s taken this quiz was able to get the first three words of that damn song right. I think you may need to be more lenient on what is accepted for that song.
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    Ok, I give up. I’ve attempted “Dig if you” (will a picture) for When Doves Cry 100 times. What am I missing?
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      was a typo, sorry…fixing now.
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        Thanks, I thought it might be a typo but I couldn’t figure out how ten percent were getting it right!
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    I think you should be more lenient when accepting the intro words for Redemption Song. “Pirates yes they” wasn’t accepted.

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