MLB/NBA/NFL/NHL Franchises Past & Present

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The maps displays all present and past franchises team names for all US/Canada franchises in MLB, NBA/ABA/BAA, NFL & NHL/WHA. Name the FULL team names for each marker. Anytime a team simply changed its nickname there is a new marker showing that – markers are in order for each location left-to-right by ascending year. ‘Current’ refers to past and present team names of current franchises. MLB includes Federal/Players leagues & Union/Amer Associations, but NOT National Association. NFL includes AFL/AAFC/APFA since 1920. You must write the FULL team name as there are many duplicates for the nickname. Some city abbreviations such as ‘KC’, ‘LA’ and ‘NY’ are allowed. You can zoom in to see the individual markers more clearly.

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Quiz Creation Date: 10-25-2014
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    Sorry for the double post – I got an error from the website about not being able to modify header information, thought it hadn’t posted.
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      That’s the ugly white screen that follow every comment you post. No need to repost, just hit the back button and refresh the page to see your comment posted. BTW, a “delete post” option would be nice a nice addition to the comments system.
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    mostly the family of sites…if i missed on let me know the team, league, and season.
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    It’s not accepting the Miami Sound Machine
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      unless this comment was meant for another quiz, that is a hell of a team name.
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        I believe that was meant as a joke…
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    What’s the 1884 Brooklyn MLB team? Not accepting Atlantics…
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      fixing now – was a typo.
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    Before the Detroit Pistons were the Fort Wayne Pistons, they were the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, named after the man behind the 1947 merger and original owner of the Pistons. Also, I think the Negro Leagues and WNBA should be included.

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