Most Popular TV Sitcoms

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Name the US or UK-based sitcoms with at least 1,000 votes on IMDB. Show qualifies if it was categorized by IMDB as a sitcom, there are a handful of animated shows. First two words accepted for longer sitcom names.

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Quiz Creation Date: 6-9-2014
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  1. 1
    There is something wrong with this quiz. ALF, quite possibly the best TV show of all time, wasn’t even on the front page.
  2. 2
    I mean…I get that (darin) isn’t responsible for the contents on the list, but how are Family Guy, the Simpsons and Futurama all sitcoms, but South Park isn’t? Just struck me as really odd.
  3. 0
    The fact that Herman’s Head isn’t on this list saddens me.
  4. 0
    Is The IT Crowd not included in this quiz?
    1. 0
      nope, don’t know if it was from votes of IMDB not categorizing it as sitcom (can’t find the data spreadsheet I used at the moment)
      1. 0
        If “comedy” were used as the criteria instead of “sitcom”, then there’d be significant differences, but for inexplicable reasons, NCIS, Bones and several other shows I’d consider dramas are listed. If actual sitcoms (or at least comedies) were added, you’d get the following extra shows: 5.5 (e.g. between the current #5 & #6): South Park 11.5 Californication 14.1 New Girl 14.2 Glee 21.1 The IT Crowd 23.1 Sex and the City 23.2 American Dad 23.3 Archer 28.1 SpongeBob SquarePants 28.2 Monk 37.1 Monty Python’s Flying Circus (yes, it’s not a sitcom, but neither is SNL) 40.1 Adventure Time 45.1 Coupling (UK)

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