Simpsons Cast Poster Characters

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SEE NAMING NOTES BELOW.  Name as many of the Simpsons characters on the Simpsons cast poster (which was thru Season 9).

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NOTES: DO NOT use punctuation. Sometimes last names will suffice, however for any characters with the same last name, first name may be needed. Many first names are accepted too. THERE ARE MANY UNNAMED CHARACTERS…for these if they have a last name it will be taken. If they are completely unnamed first try THEIR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT from the episode..i.e. if someone worked at the “Hugequiz Store” type that..if that isn’t known their type of employment/position may work..i.e. “fireman”. A generic description may be needed if that doesn’t apply..i.e. “Homers Friend”, or even just “Marge” for a character who may be a twin or lookalike of Marge or something. If the character has a name though, that is what I’m looking for most. PLEASE ABBREVIATE “Dr”, “Mr”, “Mrs”, etc..characters known primarily with their title and last name should be accepted like that too. Some characters are near one of the borders of the quadrants, so they may be in one that you don’t expect, but they are not in both. Apologies for not numbering the characters on the poster, it would have taken forever, so the numbers are not specific to any location.

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    How come Pepe doesn’t seem to work?
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    princess Kashmir?, I also tried Shauna, and April Flowers, but none seemed to work
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      He has it spelled “Cashmere”. I couldn’t get Shauna to work either, though.

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