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Name the word which has been scrambled. You get 30 seconds per word and 10 minutes total for 50 words. Four levels of increasing word length – Level 1 is 5-6 letters, 20 words, Level 2 is 7-8 letters, 15 words, Level 3 is 9-10 letters, 10 words, and Level 4 is 11-15 letters, 5 words. You receive points based on difficulty and how quickly you answer. After 15 seconds the first letter will be shown, and your points based on difficulty will be reduced due to the hint. Words are among the 10,000 most common words, and there are NO WORDS with multiple answers in the top 10K words, so there will be only one unique answer which qualifies – I removed any words which when rearranged yield another top 10K word. Words are chosen and scrambled differently each time.

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    1. 1
      rattle is not in the top 10K words however.
  1. -1
    It looks as though if the word times out without you guessing it, it incorrectly gives you a +1 in the Correct field.
  2. -1
    The related badge description says it’s given for getting all of level 2, 3 OR 4 (any of them). Did you mean to say all of 2, 3 AND 4? I’m pretty sure I got all of level 2 on one of my games, but no badge.
    1. 1
      i’ll take a look and fix that +1 issue too…it’s just getting one of those levels to get the badge..it should be fixed now.

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