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Germany 100 Largest Cities Identifier


Double-click on the red marker of the Germany top 100 largest city listed. Correct guesses will change the marker to green – incorrect will not change any marker. Complete all cities to save your score.

If by chance you don’t see markers, try refreshing the quiz.

Double-click on the city's marker to answer.
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11 months ago

Darin, if you are going to make new quizzes only available for premium users for the first week they were published, you need to solve a problem. You know, navigation on this site is not the best. I always check the new and updated section – but it only includes a few quizzes. When this premium wall for this quiz is over, the quiz is already gone from that section. You should expand it or make it so we can sort quizzes by date of creation. I was away for two weeks and i probably missed some new quizzes because i am not able to search for them manually and guess if i played them or not. Because when i discovered this site, i played all geo quizzes.

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