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Introducing hugequiz Premium! Get all the features of hugequiz for a low monthly price or a one-time Lifetime Membership cost! hugequiz Premium members get the following benefits:

No Ads

You’ll never see them – Premium subscribers will get complete uninterrupted access to all pages and quizzes!

Google Maps Quizzes Full Access

Play all Google Maps quizzes all the time – as a Premium member you aren’t restricted when you can play map-related quizzes.

Create Your Own Quizzes

As a Premium member, you are able to create your own quizzes which will show up on the User Quizzes page.

More Time on Quizzes

hugequiz Premium members get twice as much beginning time and double the time bonuses throughout every timed quiz!

See Played & New Quizzes

On quiz category listings you can now see the quizzes you’ve played denoted with green checkmarks and quizzes created or updated with the last month highlighted yellow! They will appear on both quiz category pages and search results!

Highlighted Answers

Now you have the option to show answers highlighted in the table, making them easier to keep track of! This can be toggled on and off per your preference.

Score Rankings & Badges

Now you can see the exact ranking of your score and a badge beside it if it’s good enough!

Custom Largest Cities Quizzes

On most country/continent/region-specific Largest Cities quizzes, you can choose to play with any number of cities, not just the handful of fixed options!

Quiz Audio

You now have the option to hear notifications for such achievements as a time bonus and completing states or countries. This can be toggled after starting a quiz and will remain at its last setting until you change it.

Full-Featured Stats Page

This includes a summary quiz count table and sortable tables on recent quizzes you have taken and a summary of all your top scores, including the dates and rank among all quiz-takers for each quiz.

See Upcoming Bonuses

When playing a quiz with time bonuses, you can see when the next available time bonus will be met, right below the input box.

Missed Answers On Coverage & Grid Quizzes

Now you can see up to the 25 top missed answers on coverage quizzes and grid quizzes – the map afterwards will show large markers for cities you missed, and you can mouseover them to see their details!

Missed Answers On Lyrics Quizzes

You also can see missed lyrics on any lyrics quiz – the missed words will show up in red when the quiz is over!

Custom Coverage Quizzes

Play coverage quizzes with custom distances, not just the four standard levels. Try your hand at easier than beginner up to harder than expert!

More Answer Stats

You’ll get double the answers for the ‘Hardest’ and ‘Missed’ options when a quiz ends! Know twice as much about which answers you missed, and those you got that others missed the most!

Untimed Option

On almost all timed quizzes, you can click an ‘untimed’ box at any time to take as much time as you’d like! Scores are not saved on untimed quizzes but stats are still shown at the end of the quiz.

Show/Hide Markers On Map Quizzes

Many Google Maps based quizzes will have the option to hide the unguessed markers and only show those that have been guessed, adding to the challenge!

Future Features

Full access to all future features I will be creating on the site – you’ll never miss out on any future Premium membership benefits if you are already a member!
So what are you waiting for? Think you know it all? Become a hugequiz Premium member now!
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