Frequently Asked Questions


What is hugequiz?

hugequiz is home to a large number of mostly data-intensive quizzes. Some of the older ones were featured on Sporcle which I left to start my own site in early 2014.

What do I need to play these?

First and foremost, a current browser. Chrome and IE have been the most compatible so far, with Chrome being the recommended browser. Older quizzes which haven’t been updated to HTML5 will not work on most mobile browsers, however all newer quizzes will.

Do I need to register?

Absolutely not! But if you do you’ll be able to comment, have scores saved in quizzes, receive badges, and be part of leaderboards. And it will always be free.

What are the icons next to some of the quizzes?

Some quizzes are in special formats…these can be browsed under the ‘Formats’ menu.  For example, quizzes that utilize Google Maps in them have little globe icons next to them.

I’m having problems loading/playing the quizzes, what can I do?

First make sure you are using a current browser. If you are still having issues use the Contact form under the Help menu.

What are your data sources?

For most population figures I rely on citypopulation.de for the most current census info.  US sports data is mostly compiled from the sports-reference family of sites.  IMDB is used for most movie quizzes. Many other websites are used, but I try to avoid using Wikipedia if at all possible – it is not very reliable.

Your data is incorrect/quiz isn’t current/an answer isn’t accepted that should be/etc…

Firstly, note that most quizzes require lower case and no punctuation. If data is incorrect you believe simply use the Contact form to let me know. I will be trying to keep quizzes relatively current and have notes on them stating when they were last updated.

How can I support your site?

A simple Facebook Like, tweet, etc is very appreciated! The Donation button on the bottom of the home page works too.

I have a great idea for a quiz!  How can I submit it?

Email me at darinh@hugequiz.com, I’d love to hear it! Or follow hugequiz on Facebook and let me know there.

How often will you be adding quizzes?

I try to add a few quizzes a day, but some days I may be working on other things (or taking the day off).

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