Frequently Asked Questions


What is hugequiz?

hugequiz is home to a large number of mostly data-intensive quizzes. The biggest quizzes online!

What do I need to play these?

You’ll want a current browser and most likely a desktop computer or possibly tablet as the quizzes demand a bit of screen real estate and typing.

Do I need to register?

Yes, to play a quiz you will need to Register.

I’m having problems loading/playing the quizzes, what can I do?

First make sure you are using a current browser. If you are still having issues use the Contact form under the Help menu.

What are your data sources?

I try to use official sites (official census sites, sports league sites, etc) for the most accurate and up-to-date info for all my quizzes.

Your data is incorrect/quiz isn’t current/an answer isn’t accepted that should be/etc…

If you believe data is incorrect simply use the Contact form to let me know. I will be trying to keep quizzes relatively current and have notes on them stating when they were last updated.

My score isn’t updated in the high scores after taking a quiz – what’s wrong?

Most of the widgets (little score info boxes on the right side of the screen) such as ‘Your Recent Scores’, ‘High Scores’ etc are not updated in real time but instead every couple hours – this is done to prevent strain on the database as queries would constantly be running. The only real-time widget that updates immediately is the ‘Your Scores’ widget on an individual quiz page – so if you take a quiz you should be able to refresh the quiz immediately and see your score listed in that widget.

How can I support your site?

Become a hugequiz Premium member!

I have a great idea for a quiz!  How can I submit it?

Use the Contact form I’d love to hear it!

How often will you be adding quizzes?

I try to add/update quizzes every week – check the New & Popular Quizzes for the latest.

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