hugequiz + Youtube & Free Lifetime Memberships

I’ve added a new feature on all of the quiz pages – now whenever a quiz is played on Youtube by a Youtuber with at least 100 followers, it will appear right under the quiz itself on the quiz page like so:

View counts for the YouTube videos are updated automatically each day.

So if you are a Youtuber with at least 100 followers, and you make a video of yourself playing a hugequiz quiz, it will be added beneath that quiz within a few days most likely. Keep in mind, for the quiz to be added you will need to have the word ‘hugequiz’ in the title of the video or in the description. I think the best way to do this is simply have a link to the quiz in the quiz description. I will be searching for new videos myself so you don’t need to worry about messaging me to submit a new video.

ALSO – if you are a Youtuber with at least 1K followers and you create a hugequiz quiz video, you will receive a FREE Lifetime Premium Membership within at most a week (after I add the quiz to the database and it appears) – please make sure you include your hugequiz username in the description on the Youtube video or reach out to me using the Contact form and let me know your username and the Youtube URL.


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