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hugequiz uses HTML5 and previously Adobe Flash (I am slowly converting all Flash quizzes to HTML5) to create quizzes which vary from typing in answers to listening to audio clips to clicking and dragging images.  The majority of quizzes are typing in answers within certain time constraints. This example should get you used to playing a hugequiz.

Example Quiz

For this example, we are going to use the NFL All 100-Yd Rushing Games quiz.  A screenshot of the quiz is below.  Firstly, you’ll want to get used to always answering in LOWER CASE and not using punctuation.  Most quizzes will not accept punctuation in answers and many require lower case.  For quizzes with names as answers, such as this example, use LAST NAMES ONLY.  Also, PLEASE read the Directions above the quiz, as well as any NOTES below it for instructions you may need.


You’ll see the #1 thru #50 entries are currently blank and the time has not yet started.  The “+0:00” under the timer will display any bonus time you receive while taking the quiz.  Any quiz with this “+0:00” near the timer will have bonus time available for reaching certain milestones during the quiz.  Notice the listbox under “Year” – this is where you can browse all the answers for the quiz.  Clicking on “2012 1-50” will show the first 50 sorted answers for the year 2012:

help2You now can see the 100-yd rushers for 2012 which are sorted by most recent first…clicking on “2012 51-100” below this entry in the listbox will show the next 50, and so on.  If you guess an answer it will display instead of the hint.  Answers are guessed by simply typing them in the answer box:

help3As you guess answers the categories will begin filling in…i.e. “Games”, “2010-2013”, and so on.  You can browse the top 300 high scores for the quiz by clicking in the “High Scores” listbox…in the example above you are viewing the #41-60 highest scores.  When you have run out of time the quiz will end and if you are logged in your score will be saved after a moment.  It will then display in the high scores if it is in the top 300. If you previously have a saved score, it will overwrite that if it is higher, otherwise no new score will be saved – so only the best score will be recorded for each member.

Finally, some quizzes keep stats of answers, these will have a “50 Hardest” and “50 Missed” option at the bottom of their list box (where you select the range of answers to display during the quiz).  Clicking on these *after* the quiz will show the 50 Hardest answers you got right and the 50 most common answered ones you missed.



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