A brief Video Intro to hugequiz


hugequiz contains thousands of immersive, data-intensive quizzes in a wide variety of subjects.  The majority of quizzes are typing in answers within certain time constraints. This example should get you used to playing a hugequiz.

Example Quiz

For this example, we are going to use the 1000 Most Famous People In History quiz..a screenshot of the quiz when you begin is below.  It’s a good idea to read the directions for each quiz if you aren’t familiar with how they work yet. For this quiz you are naming people – on hugequiz last names are generally accepted for almost all quizzes where you are naming people. You can type lower-case, no need for extra punctuation like a hyphen – simply type answers simply and they will register. For answers with spaces such as place names there is no need to type the space.

You’ll see the #1 thru #50 entries are currently blank and the time has not yet started.  The “+0:00” under the timer will display any bonus time you receive while taking the quiz.  Any quiz with this “+0:00” near the timer will have bonus time available for reaching certain milestones during the quiz.  Notice the listbox under “Rank” – this is where you can browse all the answers for the quiz.  For example, clicking on ‘201-250’ will show the answers ranked #201 thru #250 on the table – before you begin most quizzes will have some sort of ‘hint’ displayed for each answer cell. As you begin typing in answers the will fill in over the hints displayed, as seen below…

When you are done (assuming you haven’t gotten all the answers), simply click the ‘End Quiz’ button on the right side in the orange area and your score will save. Also, most quizzes have a ‘stats’ feature – you will see the table will fill in with the % of times each answer was guessed correct. Also at the bottom of the ‘Rank’ list box there are ’50 Hardest’ and ’50 Missed’ – clicking on the 50 hardest will show up to 50 of the answers you got right that the least number of other people got correct. 50 missed displays the 50 highest-ranked answers you missed, or if the quiz isn’t really based on a ‘ranking’ of items, such as Oscars Nominations, it will show the 50 answers near the top of the data list that you missed (i.e. 50 most recent nominations for the Oscars quiz). You can see the example of the 50 Missed below for the MIT Pantheon quiz:

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