Hey All!

Just wanted to say that the redesign of hugequiz is going to be underway this week! You will not see anything different on the site for the next 4-6 weeks while this is taking place – the new site will relaunch when the redesign is completely finished. The redesign is being done by a professional developer with many years of experience in both front-end and back-end web design. In the meantime hugequiz will remain as is with some minor changes:

– The site will be moved to a new server when the redesign is complete, hopefully once and for all removing those pesky occasional 500 server errors you may have been getting that I couldn’t fix forever.

– I will be taking down all Flash and Mapquest-based quizzes – only Google Maps and other quizzes converted to Javascript will remain. This will occur shortly. Links to these quizzes may still show up on quiz listings or search results.

– These removed quizzes may be reinstated in Javascript form after the redesign is complete. I will try to convert the more popular ones first, and some may never get reconverted.

– The new site will have more leaderboard options and hopefully live leaderboards before too long as I begin storing quizzes and results in SQL database form rather than how I had been doing it.

– Once the site redesign is finished more regular work will begin on the site again, such as updating some overdue quizzes and creating occasional new ones. The focus will be keeping the existing quizzes more up to date rather than thinning out the site too much. The eventual goal is making hugequiz a bonafide startup. I will be eventually monetizing the site after the redesign but not immediately – taking quizzes will always be free. There may be a premium type membership for extra perks, I haven’t determined what road I’m going to go down with that yet.

Finally – here’s a sneak peak at the new hugequiz logo which will be gracing the site – thanks for your patience everyone!

– Darin


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