A Word Regarding Cheating

Alright, I had a feeling I’d have to address this. I realize that there are a few people constantly cheating on a large number of quizzes. It’s only a handful – you know who you are. While I really couldn’t care less if you want to waste your time looking at a list of answers and manually type them in (I can’t imagine how boring that is), others on the site seem to enjoy some semblance of quiz integrity especially as high scores are regarded. Therefore, consider this your warning, you handful of serial cheaters…

IF YOU CONTINUE TO CHEAT I will simply delete your account. And with it all your badges, spot on leaderboard, etc. And I have your IP and email, both of which I will disallow from creating a new account. You will not get an email in advance. It will simply happen with a quick click of my mouse.

So, that’s about it – in order to provide a little bit better experience all around for most users, I may have to throw out a few bad apples. If you are taking quizzes and improving on them, learning, eventually getting perfect – don’t worry I know who you are (I do keep track of everyone’s quiz-taking and trends), and you needn’t email me asking if you will be affected. If there’s any question regarding this policy, feel free to contact me.

– Darin

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