First of all, thanks to everyone who is using and enjoying the site. I’ve enjoyed building it over the past year almost and much more is to come. I wanted to write a quick paragraph or two about the plans for the coming month or so. I’m going to use March to focus on updating older quizzes with current data, which will take time away from building newer ones. I’ve added the Updated Quizzes page to keep track of what gets updated and when. My main focus with these will be sports quizzes that are reasonably popular but are missing current years or the data has changed (i.e. career stats over a year old). I also will be focusing on making some more badges during March.
That said, I appreciate any and all quiz suggestions, so please Contact Me with any new ideas, or even websites with datasets that you think would make for a good quiz. I do read every single idea that comes my way and try to make quizzes out of ones that I think will be well-received. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the site.


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