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    This machine is used to hold coil, and uncoil it, and feed into roll forming machine. This machine can rotated clockwise and anti clockwith. Also the speed is adjustable. With the help of limit switch box, this uncoiler can work with roll forming machine synchronized. It greatly save the labours and improved the working efficiency.
    Hydraulic decoiler, Manual decoiler, uncoiler, feeding machine
    Main parameter:
    1. Install size: 2700mm*1750mm*1700mm
    2. The coil width: ≤ 1250 mm
    3. Coil inside diameter: 480-510mm
    4. Productivity: 0-35m/min
    5. Main motor power: 3 KW
    6. Hydraulic unit power: 3 KW
    7. Electric control system: PLC vector inverter
    8. Capacity: 5tons, 8 tons, 10tons
    We also can design and manufacture as per your request.Automatic Hydraulic Decoiler

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