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    Ricoh IPDS Unit Type M20
    EDP code:417524
    Ricoh MP C3004 Field Service Manual: Ipds Unit Type M20 (d3bc-20, -21, -22)
    About IPDS
    IPDS lets you print pages containing an unlimited mix of different types of data: high-quality text, images, vector graphics, and bar codes.
    You can send IPDS data to printers attached to the IBM System i, z/OS, and pSeries systems, along with
    other select systems. In some of these environments, you can create applications to directly control IPDS
    printers such as this printer. For more information about IPDS as a component of printing subsystems,
    refer to Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference.
    Ricoh IPDS Unit Type M20 can be used for MPC4504, MPC5504, MPC6004, MPC3004, MPC3504, MPC4504, MPC5504, MPC6004, MPC3004, MPC3504IPDS manufacturers

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