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    Pile Integrity Tester With Reflection Wave Method is an intelligent and portable analyzer for pile foundation detection with such capabilities as signal acquisition, data analysis and processing, and storage and output of results. This instrument mainly uses a reflected wave method to examine the shaft concrete integrity of various types of piles in order to determine the extent and location of defects in the pile shafts.
    * Detection pile integrity
    * Estimation of pile Length
    * Of presumption the pile defects
    *The constructive defects in position of pile
    * Geotechnical Engineering velocity test
    * The architectural industry standard of the People’s Republic of China”Pile under dynamic testing instrument(JG/T3055-1999)”
    * Vertification regulation of pile dynamic measuring instrument(JJG930-1998)
    * Technology code for testing of buiding foundation piles JGJ 106-2003
    * Technical specification of Dynamic pile tests for highway engineering JTG/ TF81-01-2004
    Instrument screen640 × 480 bright TFT color LCD screen
    Floating-point magnification≤256
    Amplifier Gain (dB)≤64
    A/D resolution≤24
    Amplitude nonlinearity≤10%
    Acceleration measurement frequency range (Hz) ≤9000
    Speed measurement frequency range (Hz)≤2000
    Time Indication error≤1%
    Gain error≤1dB
    Sampling length≤16k
    Acceleration sensorUncertainty (k = 3) 3%
    Speed sensorUncertainty (k = 3) 5%
    System dynamic range≤184
    Power supplyAC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz; 12V DC
    Operating Temperature-10~+40℃
    Host size260 mm×185 mm×60 mm
    Host weight1.75 kg(With built-in battery)Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester manufacturers

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