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    The complete ammonia adding system comprises a solution tank, a metering pump, an electric control cabinet, a level gauge, a safety valve, a buffer, various valves, pipelines, etc. It can be controlled manually and automatically. The automatic control is realized on the basis that the frequency converter system receives the flow, PH value, electric conductivity, signals of residual chlorine analyzer and turbidity meter. Introduction to functions of the automatic control system: Under automatic control state, the system automatically adjusts the rotating speed and stroke of the metering pump according to the flow, PH value, electrical conductivity, signals residual chlorine analyzer and turbidity meter subjected to PLC, upper computer and DCS treatment, wherein the flow adjustment range of the metering pump is 0~100%, the rotating speed control input signals of the frequency convertor are standard 4~20mA signals and the feedback signals are also 4~20mA signals. All state and fault signals of the metering pump and the stirrer can be transmitted to the DCS or upper computer according to demands, and the DCS or upper computer can start or stop the metering pump according to demands.
    According to different technical requirements, the electric control cabinet can adopt in-place manual control, semi-automatic control, full-automatic control, etc.
    The overflowing material can adopt 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon steel rubber liner (plastic), FRP, PE, PVC, etc. according to different corrosion-resisting requirements.API Standard Chemical Dosing Package

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