Badge Leaderboards

The Top 10 badge leaders for each major badge category.
User NameGeography Badges
1Profile photo of prcstntrprcstntr61
2Profile photo of wildmanwildman53
3Profile photo of PhilipPhilip52
4Profile photo of silveroasilveroa50
5Profile photo of AkaspAkasp45
6Profile photo of jamakljamakl39
7Profile photo of jona44jona4435
8Profile photo of montecarlomontecarlo35
9Profile photo of hunterhunter33
10Profile photo of VanilliteVanillite31
User NameSports Badges
1Profile photo of silveroasilveroa47
2Profile photo of onlxnonlxn43
3Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie8242
4Profile photo of jamakljamakl42
5Profile photo of shiftyeyedogShifty37
6Profile photo of CerealCarpons04bmccarthy34
7Profile photo of milwaukeyemilwaukeye32
8Profile photo of wildmanwildman27
9Profile photo of SKGoBlueSKGoBlue27
10Profile photo of sbb618sbb61827
User NameMisc Badges
1Profile photo of onlxnonlxn27
2Profile photo of wildmanwildman25
3Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie8223
4Profile photo of ethan35ethan3520
5Profile photo of rpragerrprager20
6Profile photo of silveroasilveroa19
7Profile photo of pianoshootpianoshoot18
8Profile photo of mmcgrawmmcgraw18
9Profile photo of harharharharharhar18
10Profile photo of Qarinqarin17
User NameMovie Badges
1Profile photo of onlxnonlxn20
2Profile photo of TMoneyTMoney18
3Profile photo of harharharharharhar17
4Profile photo of ethan35ethan3515
5Profile photo of shiftyeyedogShifty14
6Profile photo of mikomiko13
7Profile photo of SqrlMnkeySqrlMnkey13
8Profile photo of Amelia Hameliah13
9Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie8212
10Profile photo of Qarinqarin11
User NameMusic Badges
1Profile photo of andyman614andyman61416
2Profile photo of Qarinqarin15
3Profile photo of TMoneyTMoney12
4Profile photo of ListyguyListyguy11
5Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie8210
6Profile photo of mrjoeboomrjoeboo10
7Profile photo of milwaukeyemilwaukeye10
8Profile photo of hunterhunter10
9Profile photo of JohnnyVegasvegas9
10Profile photo of Amelia Hameliah9
User NameTelevision Badges
1Profile photo of milwaukeyemilwaukeye7
2Profile photo of onlxnonlxn7
3Profile photo of joekjoek6
4Profile photo of vhforsvhfors6
5Profile photo of pmc8301pmc83016
6Profile photo of harharharharharhar6
7Profile photo of pianoshootpianoshoot5
8Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie825
9Profile photo of Qarinqarin5
10Profile photo of Amelia Hameliah5
User NameWords Badges
1Profile photo of onlxnonlxn13
2Profile photo of pianoshootpianoshoot12
3Profile photo of PhilipPhilip12
4Profile photo of wildmanwildman11
5Profile photo of DeathFrogdeathfrog11
6Profile photo of mudkip201mudkip20111
7Profile photo of BogeyBogey10
8Profile photo of rpragerrprager10
9Profile photo of pr0crastn8rgr8martini10
10Profile photo of JohnnyVegasvegas8
User NameMultiCategory Badges
1Profile photo of wildmanwildman11
2Profile photo of JBoogie82JBoogie829
3Profile photo of Amelia Hameliah9
4Profile photo of AkaspAkasp8
5Profile photo of Qarinqarin8
6Profile photo of onlxnonlxn8
7Profile photo of harharharharharhar8
8Profile photo of ethan35ethan357
9Profile photo of pianoshootpianoshoot6
10Profile photo of shiftyeyedogShifty6
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