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    for the “US Regional” badge, do we need to contact you to tell you we have completed it, or do you know that somehow?
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      i award the manually awarded badges every wednesday, nothing you need to do…if you just qualified this week you’ll get it shortly.
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    The world countries and world capitals quizzes through the badge list don’t seem to be working. Would be a nice easy badge to get!
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      due to holidays didn’t update the Country & Cap badge this week (it’s a manually updated badge and you need perfect on both those quizzes to get it) – will be done next Wednesday.
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    No, I mean the two quizzes themselves don’t work, World Countries and World Caps. Haven’t been able to do them for months.
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      i just tried them – work fine for me.
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        Not sure if this is the appropriate place to leave a comment, but just a heads up that I’m dealing with an odd bug. I’m using Chrome, fwiw. About half the time when I finish a geography quiz to completion, and it says “score saved”… it won’t actually save the score. Then I’ll refresh the page, re-complete it, and then it will save successfully (but usually only after ~10 seconds and after I click on the 21-40 rankings.) Very odd. I don’t mind that much for the smaller quizzes, say top 100 lists. But I’m scared to death of doing a 5k list, completing it, and then having no actual record that I completed it. Just wondering if you’ve heard about this from other users. Thanks!
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          From my experience yes, there’s a small variable delay when saving scores on the new HTML5 quizzes as opposed to those in Flash which were recorded automatically. To speed up and to check the saving I usually click on another scoring range and then back to the one where I’m supposed to enter and the score will then appear. Rarely will a score not be registered… but I happens on occasion.
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            Bah, just completed a 1k quiz yesterday and nothing registered, even after waiting an hour and clicking back and forth everywhere on the ranking list. I’ll try switching to IE (uggh), and see if that helps. The issue currently is that Darin cannot reproduce the bug, so there’s no way to fix it. Oh well.
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    I think I have completed US largest cities from 4 letters through to 9 letters and my scores look to be saved, but I haven’t got the badges. Do I need to do something else?
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      Currently, darinh hasn’t updated a Wednesday quiz in over 18 months now.. hopefully he will come back and update them, people like you and I who have some of these badges complete would like to have them added to their collection!
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    Are the guidelines for “Fishy” correct? I got 85 on Largest Lakes, but did not get the badge.
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      Something seems “Fishy” about that badge…

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