A Note About Google Surveys

As I experiment with different ways to monetize the site, I am going to try a new method involving Google customer surveys. Basically what happens is that the first time each day you visit a quiz page (not the other pages, only an actual quiz), you will be asked to answer one survey question. It will pop up in front of the page, simply click to answer it and you won’t see any more during your visits that day. So basically you answer one survey question per day for the first quiz you visit, then you are done. During the first week or so it’s a testing phase – you may have a short multi-question survey each day during this time – after that it will just be one question. PLEASE answer the survey questions honestly, it takes just one second of your time. If this goes well, I will remove the ads and stick with it – removing the ads will free up some space which I’d like to do. But it will take a couple weeks of it for me to know. I don’t think one popup question is too bad considering the large average time visitors spend here. I appreciate your patience while I try it out – yes I know a survey-free, ad-free site would be ideal, but I do work full-time on the site and need to monetize it this way for the time being. ¬†As always, any feedback can be directed to me via the Contact page.



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