Welcome To The New hugequiz!

It’s taken a while, but finally hugequiz is back and better than ever! Here are a few things you need to know, especially if coming from the old site…

  • Your old hugequiz username and password should work on here – with the exception that if you changed your password on the old site within the last month or two, that new password isn’t stored here yet, so either change your password again or use your previous password you had.
  • Quizzes now have a ‘Share to Twitter’ and ‘Share on Facebook’ option after the quiz is over – help spread the word by posting your best scores and favorite quizzes on social media!
  • Many of the old quizzes were in Flash and haven’t been converted to the newer format – this will take time. I will not be converting them all, but try to focus on the most popular ones first.
  • Any scores from the old site submitted after mid-December, 2017 will not have carried over to this new site, sorry. I had to import the scores into an entirely new format and reimporting them isn’t really a feasible option as much has been done to get them working on the new site.
  • There will not be some types of quizzes, such as image quizzes of athletes, in the near future. I do not have the rights to use those images, but perhaps down the road I will work on getting rights to use some for quizzes.
  • Keep in mind that the only widget (i.e. little box on the right side like ‘Your Recent Scores’ or ‘High Scores’) that updates in real-time is the ‘Your Scores’ one on an individual quiz page. The others update every hour or two to prevent constant database queries on the server. So if you get a high score and don’t see it immediately upon refreshing a quiz page, it should show up before long.
  • Please let me know using the Contact form of any bugs, issues, etc with the new site – I’m sure there will be some things to take care of and notifying me of them will help.

Thanks and enjoy the new site!
– Darin

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