Have A Great Quiz Idea? Win A hugequiz Premium Membership!

If you currently aren’t a hugequiz Premium member and have a quiz idea you think would be a great addition to the site, use the Contact form and let me know. If I end up making the quiz I’ll give you a free hugequiz Premium membership, from 3 months to lifetime depending on how good I think the quiz idea is. I do read all submissions and likely won’t reply even if I choose to make the quiz, but if I do make the quiz you will be rewarded a membership if you aren’t currently a member.

Things I look for in a quiz:

– Playability…how fun is it?
– Relatable…top goal scorers for Kazakhstan…might be a great quiz for Borat, but most others probably won’t be interested.
– Data source…is it reliable? Wikipedia usually isn’t the best, I prefer official sources, or fun lists from major publications, like Rolling Stone for music quizzes.

– Darin

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