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First choose any letter except X (only 2 cities) – then try to achieve the highest population among the US cities/towns/etc beginning with that letter. Quiz is not timed.

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Quiz Creation Date: 9-17-2015

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    there are existing scores for this quiz (but the stats feature is new) as it did exist in a text-based quiz which i have replaced with this.
  2. 0
    On the D quiz, is “Deer Lodge, MT” actually Anaconda-Deer Lodge? If so, that’s sneaky, Darin.
    1. 0
      no – Deer Lodge is a separate place, then ‘Anaconda-Deer Lodge’ is under the A’s.
  3. 0
    For the F’s, it says there are 4 500K-1M, 2 250K-500K, and 18 100-250K, but I only found 2/1/9 and no more dots that color, and I sure can’t think of 2 more possible 500K+ cities. Is the count wrong? Seems suspiciously doubled.
    1. 0
      reload the quiz – for some reason it doubled up, i just tried it and it worked fine.
  4. 0
    Everything’s loading slow on the site today, but for some reason this quiz is hardest hit. It lets me input the letter, then stops taking input entirely and I have to reload & try again. Tried this dozens of times.
    1. 0
      hmm – i haven’t noticed anything, just tried it and it loaded fine. hopefully just a short-term issue whatever it is.
  5. 0
    Just tried the quiz after a long time. Same problem I described above, still happening. Maybe it’s an issue with Chrome. I’ll try another browser.
      1. 0
        Got it to work after about 9 tries. Sheesh.

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