100 Tallest World Mountains By Prominence


Name the world’s 100 highest summits according to prominence…Prominence is the elevation of a summit relative to the highest point to which one must descend before reascending to a higher summit. Think of it as the height of a mountain relative to the closest higher mountain. So a mountain that is the highest of anything nearby will have a high prominence, while nearby mountains that are close but not as tall will have a relatively low prominence. No need to type Mt/Mount/etc.

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  1. This quiz got a lot better after the new update, but a few suggestions:
    – For some reason Pico de Teide has its marker on Lake Kariba in Africa. Also, please accept just “Teide” as “pico” just means peak
    – Similarly, please accept (Pico) “Orizaba”, (Pico) “Duarte”, (Pico) “Bolivar”, and (Cerro) “Bolson” in Latin America, and (Pico) “Basile” in Equatorial Guinea
    – Accept “Bogda” for Bogda Shan, as “shan” just means mountain
    – Accept “Latimojong” for Rantemario
    – Accept “Tomurty” for Tomort
    – Accept “Cristobal Colon” for the highest mountain in Colombia, currently only “Colon” works
    – Accept “Boising” for the Finisterre Range HP in Papua New Guinea, it’s not an official name but it’s the commonly used local name.
    – Accept “Stanley” for Ngaliema, it’s the common English name. Also accept “Margherita” as that is the name of its peak (as you accept the peaks’ names for e.g. Ramelau in Timor).
    – “Piton des Neiges” in Reunion is misspelt, the ‘s’ in ‘des’ is missing
    – “Jabal an-Nabi Shuayb” is misspelt, you have it as “Nadi” instead. I suggest “Nabi Shuayb” be accepted as “jabal” means mountain and “an” is just the Arabic definite article “al” before the letter N. Similar to how “Toubkal” is accepted for Jebel Toubkal in Morocco

      1. Hey thanks for the corrections, Teide’s still in the completely wrong place though (seems to have had its coordinates mixed up with Lake Kariba, it’s supposed to be on Tenerife in the Canaries).

  2. I chose this as an alternative to just world’s 100 tallest by elevation above sea level as the answers to that are almost entirely obscure peaks in the Himalayas.

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