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25 World Languages By Audio Clip


You will be given 25 random audio clips from around 200 total. Name the language being spoken in each. You may need to be a little bit specific with the language – i.e. instead of ‘Chinese’ you will need ‘Mandarin’ if that’s what is being spoken. None of these languages are particularly rare dialects or not a major language used within their country of origin. You have a max of 25 seconds per clip and 10 minutes total. You may get a language more than once.

Type 'start' to begin.
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1 year ago

If Bosnian and Serbian are now accepted for each other, this should be extended to Croatian too – there is a linguistic consensus to group them together into a single language called “Serbo-Croatian”, since the three are all standardisations of the Shtokavian dialect and are almost indistinguishable. []

Probably best if they are all merged together as a single category “Serbo-Croatian”, and have “Serbian”, “Bosnian”, “Croatian”, and “Montenegrin” all being accepted answers for a Serbo-Croatian clip.

The same is true of Hindi-Urdu (collectively called Hindustani), and Bulgarian-Macedonian, although in these cases it’s probably better to keep two separate categories rather than merge them, and just accept their names for each other, like you have done for Malay and Indonesian

1 year ago
Reply to  revelnyet

Macedonian and Bulgarian are easy to distinguish, despite all the similarities. So those can be kept separate, I guess.
Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin are all based on the same variety of Serbo-Croatian, while Serbian is based on another – but generally those are hard to tell apart.

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