50 Largest Cities A-Z Choose Region


First choose a region by typing ‘world’, ‘us’, ‘euro’, ‘na’, ‘sa’, ‘asia’ or ‘africa’ – then name the 50 largest cities by letter for that region. 50K+ cities for world, africa, asia and sa, 10K+ for na, euro. All cities for US.

Enter region to begin - 'world', 'us', 'euro', 'na', 'sa', 'asia' or 'africa', then wait a moment for cities to fill in.
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  1. It looks like you’re using municipal districts instead of municipalities for Dominican Republic, yet both Veron-Punta Cana (municipal district) and Higuey (the municipality VPC is in) are included in this quiz.

      1. I’ve tried a couple regions and they work…which regions have you done that aren’t working? Maybe hold CTRL and refresh the page to make sure you aren’t loading a cached version

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