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50 Largest Cities A-Z Choose Region


First choose a region by typing ‘world’, ‘us’, ‘euro’, ‘na’, ‘sa’, ‘asia’ or ‘africa’ – then name the 50 largest cities by letter for that region. 50K+ cities for world, africa, asia and sa, 10K+ for na, euro. All cities for US.

Enter region to begin - 'world', 'us', 'euro', 'na', 'sa', 'asia' or 'africa', then wait a moment for cities to fill in.
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11 months ago

Is the world supposed to be hard, or am I missing something? I got 143 on my first try when I timed out in the i’s, and I tried a second time going in a different order so I didn’t get stuck going through what I thought were my bad letters and only got 131.

11 months ago
Reply to  2BoogerFace

It’s pretty hard if you don’t get bonuses. Try naming the the largest (and, if you can, the top 3, top 5, etc.) for each letter before trying to fill a letter. Also try getting the 1 million population bonus.

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