Africa City Grid


First chose a difficulty by typing ‘beg’, ‘int’, ‘adv, or ‘exp’ – Beginner is 10 degrees, Intermediate 5 degrees, Advanced 2.5 degrees, and Expert 1 degree. Then, enter the largest African city (min 50K population) in each grid square of the size based on your difficulty. Green squares contain answers. Adv and Exp levels may take a few moments to load.

hugequiz Premium members will see the top 10 missed cities at the end of the quiz as purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter level to begin ('beg', 'int', 'adv', or 'exp').


  1. there is a square on beginner mode that includes Mali and Burkina Faso so i typed Bamako for that square and it didn’t work. Bamako is the largest city in that square with over 2 million people. Also i tried the other square that has Chad so i typed N’Djamena and it didn’t work. N’Djamena is the largest city in that square.

  2. Hmm, Egypt and Mauritania won’t clear for me. Comparing this to the date used for the Africe Coverage quiz, there is no large ennough place in SE Mauritania, so lets guess that you’re counting the refugee camp down there. That’s good, but what have you called it? Egypt is held by the block between Cairo and Asyut: the largest places in there are Giza and Fayoum but neither of those will go in. Is there another large place to be found?

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