South America

Brazil City Coverage


First choose a difficulty by typing ‘beg’, ‘int’, ‘adv, or ‘exp’ – Beginner is 200km radius, Intermediate 100km, Advanced 50km, and Expert 25km. Then, enter Brazilian cities/towns and all other Brazilian cities/towns within that radius will automatically fill in.

hugequiz Premium members will see the 25 largest missed cities at the end of the quiz as large, purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter level to begin ('beg', 'int', 'adv', or 'exp').

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  1. fyi except for a few isolated places, I am not accepting for example ‘Sao Joao’ for ‘Sao Joao de (so-and-so)’ for this quiz, as doing so would fill in most of the map for just ‘Sao Joao’ 🙂 So you must type out the place names for those with ‘do’, ‘da’ or ‘de’ in them.

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