North America

Canada Administrative & Census Divisions


Name the administrative and census divisions of the Canadian provinces that have named divisions. AB, MB, NL, NS, NT and SK have numbered divisions (no names) so those are not included.

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  1. Below the text box it reads “Next answer bonus at 100.” but there are no time bonuses in this quiz.
    “Northumberland” registers 2 answers, but only the NB county is highlighted in green, the ON one stays red.
    NWT has 6 numbered census divisions, but it also now has 5 named administrative divisions, if you want to use those.
    Powell River regional district in BC has been renamed “qathet”

    And a suggestion: Maybe add provincial/territorial stats in the sidebar, so you can see how many divisions from each province you’ve completed without looking at the map, in line with most of your other quizzes? Or maybe population-based groupings now that the 2021 census data is out. That would be cool to see.

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