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Canada All Places – Choose Province


Begin by entering a province and choosing it from the drop-down list. Then, try to reach the highest population by naming that provinces’s places (cities, towns, etc).  High scores are separate by province. Quiz is not timed.

Enter province name to choose from drop-down box.
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1 month ago

After doing what I could initially just from my brain, I noticed some oddities and thought I’d see if i could get them all using a map as a guide. Two of them appear to be incorrect – “Sun Peaks Mountain” is the town of “Sun Peaks”…. and “Northern Rockies” is not a township at all, it’s a general area and pretty much no one lives where the pin is showing.
I’m curious about the source data – a lot of the towns are missing, while other smaller towns are present.

3 months ago

si vous etes bloqués écrivez st + *prénom random* lol

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