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Currencies Of The World


Name the currencies of the world countries. A handful may have two official currencies – use the one specific to that country. If the country doesn’t have an official currency, name the most commonly used. You do NOT need to type the country name before the currency, i.e. ‘german mark’ would have been answered with just ‘mark’ – however you do have to type a descriptor before the name of the currency if it is not referring to that specific country’s name. So if Austria used a ‘german mark’ you would need to type that out.

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2 months ago

#48 may be worth accepting without the second separate country’s demonym included – I know it’s using a local version of that country’s currency but it’s quite rough not to accept it with all the other instances of the same currency.

7 months ago

#81 is actually the New version of the monetary unit associated with Judiasm.

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