Europe 20,000 Km Challenge (Premium Only)


You have 15 min or 20K km to travel Europe trying to total the highest total population of 10K+ cities visited. Cyprus, Iceland and Azores not included. How to play: Enter any 10K+ Euro city to begin. A marker will be placed there. Next, enter a (hopefully) nearby 10K+ city. The Google Maps route and next city will be displayed, and the population counter will accumulate. Continue ‘visiting’ more cities trying to get the highest population before reaching 20,000 km. Once you enter a city that pushes the total distance over 20,000 km, the game will end. NAMING NOTES – Some cities have the same names or must be entered to enter a longer city name…enter the city name followed by the FIRST TWO LETTERS of the country name (i.e. ‘brestfr’ or ‘london.’ (due to Londonderry)). Therefore if a city isn’t working add the country’s first 2 letters (use “UN” for United Kingdom) to the end of it, as it has one of these conflicts. ALSO some countries have multiple cities of the same name – to answer these use the city, then first two letters of the country, then a number, starting with “1” for the most populous city of that name in that country…i.e. “newportun1” is the largest Newport in the UK, whereas “newportun2” is the 2nd largest.

Please note – this quiz is only available to hugequiz Premium members, as it costs money for me to use the Google Directions API and this quiz is more costly than the other street view ones.

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  1. sorry guys – had to make this quiz Premium members only (for now, might change) – it has higher costs associated with the Google Directions API. To give you an idea, one user playing this quiz can cost up to 50 times that of playing a regular non directions map quiz.

  2. Why does Ath, Belgium override Athens, Greece? Things like this are especially annoying when nitpicking cities near to each other, the last thing one would expect is flying straight to Norway while typing a city in Portugal. Are there any ways to fix this?

    1. Seems to be working fine but since the markers are on the large side they end up covering the map below it. Maybe you could increase the zoom level a level or two to counter this effect.

    2. Darin, you’ve increased the zoom up which is pointless for this quiz. Sorry if I was not clear enough… the map should be larger so that the markers won’t cover it too much. So, an increase of zooming in. Yes, some city names will appear but this is not so much a guessing cities quiz so no problem.

  3. @Fojin, that’s a shame. Feel free to send me your route and I will try it out for you ;)))
    @soundscape – I agree with you on Russia. I’m not even sure if Nizhny Novgorod was a wise choice, although it is relatively close to Moscow and I knew three other cities “on the way” (Dzerzhinsk, Vladimir and Elektrostal). Anyway, Moscow is a must. Anyway, if I wanted to beat your current high score, I’d have to accumulate an average of 5514 people per km, i.e. there should be a city of 551,400 every 100km, which means that a detour of 100km for a 400,000 people city is kind of not worth it. Interesting. The 420-km trip from Moscow to Nizhny Nov via said cities gave me a total population of 2,000,000 people, or an average of 4762 per km, which means that it wasn’t worth it. Damn. 🙂

    1. That’s some nice calculations you have there… I’m terrible at math. I think that playing both the European largest cities and the European coverage quizzes a lot are key to a good performance here. (just trying the bold tag to see if it works…) As for starting cities, ideally start on a corner, Lisbon, Dublin, St Petersburg or Istanbul. In Europe I always feel more comfortable travelling East-West… it’s only natural, after all Lisbon is my hometown. It’s been two weeks of so since I’ve last played this quiz so I’ll eventually give it a go again soon to try to add another million or so.

      1. Got you! … almost 😉 Still one million short. This time, I used an entirely different approach (started in Yekaterinburg, conquered the big Russian agglos on the way to Moscow, then up to St Pete, down to Istanbul via Minsk, Kiev and Bucharest, back North via Budapest, Warsaw and Prague to Berlin, down to Rome via the Ruhr and back North to London via Paris. Ended up in London at 19,990 km – neat, uh?

        1. Good job Anonymous. Yes, it’s a very different strategy when you consider I’ve only used 4 or 5 Russian cities: Moscow, St Petersburg and then a couple more not that big along the way. My route was clearly more Western oriented but apparently both strategies are somewhat equivalent and can be fine-tuned.

  4. @Fojin, when I started in Russia, I used Nizhny Novgorod as a starting point. Helsinki also seems to work. Sometimes the quiz won’t start, in which case I reload the page – normally solves the problem. Dublin also worked as a starting point, but resulted in a mediocre score 😉

    1. Russia is to be used with care… go for the obvious big prizes but as for some other cities, large as they might be, you have to travel long distances and waste a lot of km’s. Have you guys tried the US Version? I’m currently 2nd there a world away from the 1st place. Also the US Version but only for largest state cities which is a different beast because you only have 48 fixed cities to play with. Currently also 2nd there by a mere 58 miles.

  5. Thanks for the advice, soundscape 🙂 I started in Helsinki now, connected the big metro areas (St Pete, Moscow, Istanbul, Madrid, Rome, Paris, London, etc.), and when I realized that I still had quite a bit of distance left, I went back to Germany/Poland.

  6. I’m in Germany too. For some strange reasons, the quiz works when I start in Russia or Germany. When attempting to start in other countries, such as the UK, the counter will remain on zero forever. 🙂

    Btw, here’s a challenge for you: What population can you get if your route MUST start in Reykjavik and end in Yekaterinburg?

    1. Russia, eh? Still not working for me. Or is there a specific city to start with? I might try starting in Germany, too, but it doesn’t seem particularly promising in terms of scoring.

      1. For sure… starting the quiz in the middle of the map won’t take you far. I’ve made several attempts on this one but regarding the score that got me the current 1st place I think I’ve started in Lisbon and ended in Helsinki. Strange our Leaderboard leaders mucciniale and blocho haven’t yet give a go at this one. Either they’re having problems too or simply these kind of quizzes are not their cup of tea.

  7. I don’t have a reply button on Sinclair’s post so it will go down here. Have you tried other route challenges like capitals or the world/us versions? Maybe it’s specific to this quiz.

    1. I can’t speak for Sinclaire, but in my case, some of those quizzes work, some don’t. And I really don’t understand the logic behind that, if there’s any. 😉

    2. I think the comments section has a maximum of 5 replies in tree mode so for this one I’ll reply to myself and hopefully my comment will appear below yours. The World 100k km is the real deal… lots of possible routes and even though I got a big score there I’ve crossed the Atlantic twice which is kind of a dumb thing to do.

        1. Hummm… since both you and Fojin are from Germany and neither can play this game I suspect of an anti-German conspiracy. 🙂 Well seriously, it’s a shame… these km’s challenge quizzes are good fun. Give it a try on another computer if you have the chance.

          1. Hmm I just did test it on the computer in the office… doesn’t work either 🙁

            Might very well have to do with the location as you said.. but I don’t know why.. route planning is available over here on Google Maps just like everywhere else :-/

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